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Justin Furstenfeld

Just received this shot from photographer Jason Maguire. I know I may not be the most talkative person when I see you but thank you for sending us your shots and I'm proud of you for finding your way out of darkness and embracing your craft.

Blue october

One of my favorite artists, Justin Furthenfeld from Blue October

The Answer

this pic from May 2010 Longoria Photography


What a fab pic Justin

Blue October, Blue Skies, Future Husband, Breeze, Sunshine, Therapy, Lovers, Dancing, Dance

Bring me in just a little closer. Please...lol

Song Credit to : Wyn


Someone get the insulin!

concert photos blue october | Modern-rock outfit Blue October [ tickets ] has assembled a spring ...

Blue October - Calling You.one of the sweetest, most romantic songs, and one of my very favorites. Most Blue October songs are not appropriate for children, but this one is!

i love justins music . and blue october puts on one of the best concerts !


And he tells me to sing, and I sing And I sing for my brother who keeps me sane And tells me everything will be ok

One Reason I Love This Man❤️ He Is A Great One

It's a daily choice.

Great father

Justin furstenfeld of Blue October what a touching picture.


a-foolish-arrangement: “ Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October. He has the tattoo I want on his right arm “Love me or leave me alone” This guy is a total inspiration to me, awesome guy all.

My new year's resolution.  ;)  KK

Justin Furstenfeld- lead singer of my favorite band, Blue October.


Blue October, Therapy, Hero