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A report released on the International Day of the Girl has declared that the Netherlands is among the best places in the world to grow up as a girl.

The Netherlands- One of the Best Places to Grow Up as a Girl

The 8 Secrets of Dutch Kids, the Happiest Kids in the World - Thought provoking. and if I lived in town and had paved roads to ride on, I'd want that bike!---I say- the secret to great legs after 3 kids! that's an inspiring mom to 3 girls!


Dutch track champion Piet van Kempen in his pre - Mareze days. September Piet van Kempen circles the track at Wembley during a six day cycling event. Photo by Derek Berwin.


Autumn Inspiration : Falling for Fall. Taking your bike out on an autumn morning

Ironically I haven't actually ridden with anyone in over a year. Raced yes, but races aren't friendly affairs...

I wanna ride with you. First I read, "I wanna ride you.


The Muppets ride bikes. Side by side. Tags: The Great Muppet Caper Jim Henson Universal 1981

Cycles of Life.. Eccentric old age is clearly the best one on here..

Cycles of Life

Funny pictures about Cycles of Life. Oh, and cool pics about Cycles of Life. Also, Cycles of Life photos.

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Bike Commuting: Seasonal Cycle of Pathos

True, except in Charleston, “Hideous Sweating” is probably of the wheel chart. Bike Commuting: Seasonal Cycle of Pathos