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Oh i cant wait to be a parent :p will have to use a lot of these ideas !

esp the prom pics with dad in the background! The best kind of parenting. haha laughed so hard at this!

Half the population of my school should keep this as their phone home screen so they think about it before they go on instagram.

Funny pictures about Duckface girls. Oh, and cool pics about Duckface girls. Also, Duckface girls.


A wine glass for those who love wine. Closest thing to a never ending glass of wine I've ever seen. I want.

@Megan DiLonardo   My brain hurt when I tried to do the math for *my* day, then I thought of you and your day, lol!

Yes, as a matter of fact, I did know that. As does every other parent of a 4 year old. And a five year old. And a six year old.



They need to choose a season and get on with their lives

Everyone is enrolled here

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