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twist-tie.jpg (500×500)

twist-tie.jpg (500×500)

New Godzilla Size Dwarfs 60 Years of Monstrous Predecessors

New Godzilla Dwarfs 60 Years of Monstrous Predecessors [CHART]

Sizing Up Godzilla. Seriously, the movie was an enormous leap above the previous American fiasco called "Godzilla"

GTR,  only import I love!! Only one I'd drive,......besides nsx...I like NSX

10 Cars No Insurance Company Wants to Cover

Mean looking Nissan GTR. When regular tires aren't enough, fill them with nitrogen and you get this incredibly fast car that performs well in the turns. I love sport cars sports cars - Love Cars & Motorcycles

Nissan GTR #Godzilla  http://www.imperionissangardengrove.com/

Godzilla Vs Godzilla Oh my, the perfect example of the beast of a GTR.

godzilla | Godzilla - Antman/Giantman (with Prep) vs Godzilla

Awesome colored sketch from Famous Monsters of Filmland's Godzilla artist Bob Eggleton

Godzilla and The Lost Continent Unpublished Cover - Bob Eggleton

Godzilla and the Lost Continent, the lost Godzilla novel. Lovely cover painting by Bob Eggleton.

Tokyo Vintage Travel Poster (Godzilla!)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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