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Benedict Cumberbatch pointing at someone whose mother is a hamster and whose father smells of elderberries. <<<<<THIS COMMENT THO!

I'm Only Back Yeah!

Who ever found this gif.bless you child, bless you! Martin Freeman looks silly <<<< no sh*t I mean he's a hedgehog for gods' sake! <<<<< I'm dying this is the best gif ever discovered!


Le palmarès des oscars 2015 (et des gifs)

'Go away': Benedict Cumberbatch jokiningly told the camera to leave him alone as he drowned his sorrows after hearing he had lost out on the Best Actor gong to pal Eddie Redmayne

Sherlock - sometimes he reminds me of Dennis Quaid in the face : does anybody else see that r is it just me? I think it is the smile lines that make them look similar

“I’m not a psychopath, Anderson. I’m a high-functioning sociopath.” Benedict Cumberbatch on Sherlock