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HRH Princess Anne, The Princess Royal. The lesson here is to wear either a tiara or a choker, but not both at the same time!

HRH Princess Anne, The Princess Royal wearing the Greek Meander Tiara of Great Britain

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Anne, mother and daughter. I can't read the look on Princess Anne's face as she stares at her mother. Is it it pride,  jealousy, contempt, or hate, lol? The Queen looks like she 's gloating over something. Maybe that's the reason for Princess Anne's look.

An original photo of the Queen, wearing the smaller aquamarine tiara, with Princess Anne on the Royal Tour of Canada, 1970

Fishgirl With Braids

Wai Ming (1938, Chinese)

Asian Oriental Chinese Art Artwork from Artist Wai Ming titled: Fishgirl with Braids

Illustrations, paintings of chinese art by the artists Wong Meifang 王美芳 and Zhoa Guojing 趙國經.