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Classic guilty Aussie face

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I'm not Australian but I live in Australia and believe me. there are plenty of ugly Australian's around and a lot of them are really not that funny at all.<<<<well we know who's dying alone don't we.

Australian Humor that will Crack You Up!

Yeah North Korea, explain yourself

Meanwhile in Australia...@Lindsey George I think I found your future husband about halfway down

Welcome to Australia. There are 1275 animals that could kill you, fire rornados and kangaroos everywhere.

aussie+corgi (augi). We need a pair. why is everything mixed with a corgi adorable?!    @Suzy Sissons Mitchell Fellow Guigal Powell

Mini Australian Shepherd + Pembroke Corgi = Augi ----- omg my DREAM dog! Seriously I want one!

See, Australia turned out fine... It's because they were too busy surviving to kill each other.

This is literally Australia! << apparently our slang was actually derived from drunken slurs so you know.that explains a lot lol xD

im Aussie and its not this bad. however u do get used to dangerous animals! XD >> Never thought of this...all has been revealed....

Get your meme on!

Rin's experience in Australia XD

Literally Just 100 Fucking Hilarious Australian Memes

Literally Just 100 Fucking Hilarious Australian Memes

Aussie Mama and Pup ♥

Aussie Mama and Pup ♥ and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat appare