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“The universe and her, and I” poem #5

by Christopher Poindexter. I stood alone beneath the stars and shouted to the heavens at the top of my lungs and what was so beautiful was the way the stars shined when the sky swallowed your name.

Christopher Poindexter

Christopher Poindexter

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Crumble life: I will fall in love with your pieces poem 51 written by Christopher Poindexter .

I have a paperback heart...I love this.  When I find that person, I should use this in my vows :)

I have a paperback heart dog-eared and creased by the world. The colours are faded and the spine is worn but I'm glad to see it's finally in good hands. Book thought


Relationship, 1st Grades

The Blooming of Madness #256 written by Christopher Poindexter

I learned from her leaving that loving someone who has betrayed you for another human being is like going out to a bar and saying you will only have one drink. No matter what, you will still want more and more of them.

Christopher Poindexter

My wild plan is to love this Earth so much that nothing can take me. The Universe and Her, and I by Christopher Poindexter.

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"I would be lying if I said there were not times that I am an earthquake contained inside this skin." Typewriter Series by Tyler Knott Gregson