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Post with 18135 views. Turned a beautiful Batman & Robin 18 frame into a nice phone background.

Batman and Robin (Frank Quitely, variant cover, Batman, Incorporated #1)

Batman and Robin (Frank Quitely, variant cover, Batman, Incorporated hardcore selfie ever

X-Men vs The Hulk

X-Men vs The Hulk

What Makes the Batman by Dave Franciosa

f(badass) = Sherlock Holmes + Zorro + Dracula = Batman

Batman vs superman

Check out this Artist Highlight featuring one of the most exciting and dynamic comic book artists John Gallagher! Prepare to have your mind exploded



Lados opostos da mesma moeda..

We are typically very aware as to which character is to be seen as the hero and which one is the villain. However, sometimes this leads us to look past the mistakes and flaws of the hero. Which creates a bias, thus making the villain look even worse.

Father and son. When Batman dies, the son takes on the role of Batman, and there is a new Robin. RIP Dad.

I am the biggest David Finch fan around, so when the mega talented Richard Friend posted this on DA, I new what I was gonna be coloring! Batman by Finch+Friend Colors