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Sometimes the thing holding you back is all in your head. Horse tied to a chair


This is me in any body of water other than a tub or a swimming pool.lol Yes, jacuzzi's too if I'm in it with other people. I simply don't go into any water that isn't perfectly clear and free of animal life without freaking out.

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Elephants, Elephant

All along....

lochness monster The secret is out. elephant with lochness on trunk swimming underwater

funny pictures of animals

Elephant is my favorite animal.Elephant is big animal from all animals.We see that some Elephant when going in the river so he take both wi.


Laughing cow

The best picture of a cow photobombing a horse stuck in a fence EVER . << the fact that there is a picture of a horse stuck in a fence is amusing in itself. The cow just makes it funnier.