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Rufio and Tavros Nitram. There comes a time in every Nitram troll's life when you realise, your horns might just be too enormous to breach the threshold of functional. Today is not that day, Rufio.

Apparently, no matter what I am trying to draw, my warmup doodle is always a ¾ bust. This time, it is Nitrams (neither to scale nor stylistically related.

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Everything about this. Dave's symbol, the chip bags, everything

This is just funny period ( nice art to)

Aranea serket | doodles alpha trolls aranea serket meenah peixes latula pyrope kankri ...

I haven't gotten to the post-scratch trolls yet, but I love them all anyway

god tier tavos by ~waltza on deviantART (Aw he finally gets those wings!)

I told myself I wouldn’t draw god tier Tavros because he looked silly but I gave in haha oh no he’s too much of a cutie

This is the best thing **until you imagine Olaf slapping Elsa to another color before snogging her**

And if ya look closely, Meulin and Horrus are the parents? :D >>> I can just imagine Aradia saying that in the most monotone voice possible

Karezi Homestuck | homestuck homestuck gif karezi google reverse search didn't help...

I ship them so hard!<<<--Never even saw the Homestuck show or something but I still ship it. The side effects of Second Hand Fandom<<<"saw the homestuck show".

I ship peanut butter and Jelly

I ship peanut butter and Jelly, even though I'm not usually a fan of gay ships.