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10 ways to beat boredom while running

10 Ways to Beat Boredom While Running- another pinned said: "surprised that the most challenging part of being a runner for me wasn't breathing, leg pain, getting tired, etc., but rather getting bored on the long runs. These are good tips!

It hurts, but that's all it does. The most difficult part of the training is training your mind. You build calluses on your feet to endure the road. You build calluses on your mind to endure the pain.

Love the motivation. Heres my diet plan for most of next week! This means I will pretty much cleanse everything out of my body. This involves drinking only green tea and water all day, while eating nothing. Then, the next 3 days, I

Harvard Confirms: Pain Relief, Heart Health, and Optimal Blood Pressure without Drugs or Surgery are just the beginning with this therapy.

Challenge yourself.

The ONLY person you need to be better than. Is the person you were yesterday!

Let go, learn and move on

Its incredibly difficult when you have to release that the person who you love and has left you cause they don't love u anymore.Its taken a long time, but I can now see I did not and do not deserve to be put through the pain. I am worth more.

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Young & of the next generation should keep this in mind. & gained attention but lost respect.