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Bomboogie Suzuki GSX1100 | Gear X Head

Bomboogie Suzuki GSX1100

Bomboogie Suzuki by Officine GP Design - Custom Motorcycles & Classic Motorcycles - BikeGlam

1975 Suzuki GT380.  Went outside to find this pushed in the weeds and in a creek at a party. On my way to see it in the light, after pulling it from a creek, I hit a speed bump about 50mph I didn't see and woke up in the hospital missing an ear. Never did find out who trashed the bike, but probably better I don't know.... Broken collar bone and half my ear missing was the  result. Bike was fixed and ran until it blew the middle cylinder. Such a good bike. I was sad to see it go and want…

Suzuki So sweet but born in an era when 2 strokes were going the way of the dodo bird. Today's fuel injection would let them run clean and still get that power to weight ratio

1975 Suzuki TS-250

It's been two months since our last post here, as Barry's been pretty busy with a new job, but this bike should make the wait worthwhile.

13061976_599933980171003_791840721345215294_n.jpg (960×720)

13061976_599933980171003_791840721345215294_n.jpg (960×720)

This was my second motorcycle the Suzuki GT 250. This color, this year model. I loved this little bike. At the time I really thought it was shit hot. It would out run any 350 Honda on the road back then and give local Yamaha Riders a fit too. I wish I had never let t his one escape me.

The Suzuki Perhaps I didn't lust over this bike, but I liked it a lot and I bought one. This is an exact model of my second motorcycle.



The 1970s Suzuki T500 was a good-looking bike, but this replica racer is … quite something else.

Suzuki T500 racer

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