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Wooden Sculpture By Zheng Chunhui

Twisted tree art installation

amazing sculptural installations from Brazilian artist, Henrique Oliveira. The pieces encompass wood, hardware and paint techniques to create these astounding installations.

by Henrique Oliveira, the Brazilian emerging artist known for his spatial wooden pieces whose irregular forms devour large spaces which give you the sense that you are actually inhabiting someone’s body.

Henrique Oliveira Talks to

Tapumes - Casa dos Leões (Sidings - House of Lions), Bienal do Mercosul, Porto Alegre, Brazil by Henrique Oliveira made of plywood and PVC.

by Zac Freeman - “My work focuses primarily on portraits created by assembling found objects, disposable goods, and the leftover trash of things we consume in our society. I glue the bits of junk to a wooden substrate, a canvas, which forms the image of a portrait. The result is a stunningly realistic portrait at a distance and an interesting array of objects up close."

Jacksonville, FL artist Zac Freeman

Found object portrait collage by contemporary artist Zac Freeman I really like this self portrait with all the little dots or circles. Zac Freeman used so many different colors that aren't realistic.

Woodrow Nash 2014 | Show as slideshow]

Woodrow Nash 2014 | Show as slideshow]

not a wood sculpture!... click.. you won't believe this digital illustration!

Pop Culture Icons Digitally Produced Wood Sculptures

Holly Wood is a great series of digitally made wooden sculptures depicting pop culture icons from television, movies & video games created by Tony and Emmanuelle Lugand of the French art studio La Souris sur le Gateau.

Image result for odd trees of nature

Image result for odd trees of nature

iiiinspired: wow _ bruno walpoth

If It's Hip, It's Here: Bruno Walpoth Brings Wood To Life In His Contemporary Human Sculptures.

Bruno Walpoth - Wood Sculpture - Contemporary Artist

Les sculptures en bois de Bruno Walpoth

Italian artist Bruno Walpoth creates unbelievably lifelike sculptures of people with wood. The rings and knots in each piece of wood that the sculptor work

You've got to hand it to the Dutch, repurposing abandoned space, while assuring preservation of historical cultural features. Very forward thinking.

Old Church Converted into a Modern Bookstore

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