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Smithsonian: Historically Hardcore History is so much more bad ass than us

Nasa spends millions to invent a pen that works in space.the Russians just used a pencil instead.

It Would Be A Strange World

It Would Be A Strange World

Pangea Redrawn With Today's Political Boundaries. Once, the earth was comprised of a supercontinent called Pangea. So what would that continent look like if it had the political boundaries of today?

Science Jokes

But the rough ER has all the ribosomes.and you know what they say about ribosomes.

De zon is de belangrijkste energie en creëert ons leven op aarde. Cartoon over energie. #sustainability #green #cartoon #earth #energy

Science humor and astronomy comics about sun being self-absorbed. Comic by Unearthed Comics.

I came up with a great fangirls joke: why do fangirls always travel in odd numbers?~ the doctor is awesome so is sherlock << I'm crying