"Mum won't let me" Luke....you are SO PUNK ROCK!!! <3

"Mum won't let me" Luke.you are SO PUNK ROCK! i would like luke to dye his hair black

I found the Luke

Mike, Cal, Luke, Ash I do the same thing Luke. You are not alone in the awkward standing department :p

me: *tearing up cuz luke tearing up is making me want to cry* *followed by hysterically laughing at this post*

little weak white boy. He's my weak white boy, ladies back off

Haha loved this video! But he should've kissed Calum since he's a kiwi. Ha just kidding. ❤️

And message: for the most part, I'm past that fangirling phase that everyone goes through. To not fangirling?

Luke is such a mommas boy^^^ omg this is Luke hemmings in a nutshell

Luke Hemmings is the new definition of punk rock