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Yep, need to get a copy of this and stick it to the side of my desk at work.

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Seriously though

Funny pictures about This sums up exactly how I feel about early birds. Oh, and cool pics about This sums up exactly how I feel about early birds. Also, This sums up exactly how I feel about early birds.


Roses are red, Violets are blue. I hate rhyming. So inappropriate. So funny.

Always a way

This what someone wrote: "Truth. If men could feel war, death and suffering in their balls, we'd live in a VERY peaceful world.

Mr. RODGERS was boss

fuck you neighbor ~T~ My husband and I were at a Child Development conference and my sister snapped a picture of my husband with Mr. Rodgers after he opened the conference. He really had a funny sense of humor. Who knew?

Nobody says it like Betty!

I love you, Betty White. My hero. I wanna be Betty White when I grow up Betty should be the ambassador for the Internet


I like you so much that when ever I see you I get a boner. Not like a penis boner, but a boner in my heart. A heart boner. A heart-on. An affection erection.

funny as shit!

If I had kids, this is how I would serve them their fucking cake. Slice that bitch.

LOL by vny

by the power vested in me, i now pronounce you *blocked* and *deleted* you may now kiss my ass.


Funny Pictures Of The Day – 77 Pics "When you see someone else dealing with the BS your ex tried to put you through.

http://cnatrainingclass.co/cna-nurse-duties/ CNA Nurse Duties  Shut the fuck up. lol

Roses are shut the fuck up, Violets are shut the fuck up, Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up. Anti-Valentines Day Picture Have a nice day Roses are shut the fuck up Violets Shut