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"I need you, Jane. Anything for you, Lisbon.

on their way to the alter

on their way to the altar

simon baker, the mentalist, and patrick jane image

image discovered by someone.

Somebody explain this to me.how he can conveniently "forget" telling the woman he describe as being "the pocket rocket, the dynamite, heavily armed, cute as a button" that he loved her?

I'm searching for someone...we all knew that description fit Lisbon, as well as his wife.

La description de Jane correspondait tellement à Lisbon.

The Mentalist, Potato, Televisions, Couch, Ship, Sofa, Diy Sofa, Ships, Potatoes

Lisbon, Jane - Their are always so in sync. :)

The Mentalist: Fotos de Patrick Jane e Teresa Lisbon