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80,81,82<<<83, 84, 85

Imagine to yourself, that every time he reaches the number 76 in some way, be it money or his line number, he has a rage moment in public or privately and just destroys things

Some cool Overwatch art!

Some cool Overwatch art!

Mechanical design and performance specifications of anthropomorphic prosthetic hands: A review

Figure Commercial finger images (top) and kinematic models of finger joint coupling mechanism (bottom). (a) Vincent (Vincent Systems), (b) iLimb and iLimb Pulse (Touch Bionics), (c) Bebionic and Bebionic (RSL Steeper), and (d) Michelangelo (Otto Boc

search an rescue drone WIP by gotcharabbit on deviantART

another iteration of my actual mecha design project. ballpoint pen drawing colored in photoshop.

Overwatch: Trending Images Gallery | Know Your Meme

Even Our Favorite Edgelord Needs a Hug

Never f*ck with the owl

Never f*ck with the owl

Funny pictures about Owls Work In Mysterious Ways. Oh, and cool pics about Owls Work In Mysterious Ways. Also, Owls Work In Mysterious Ways photos.

ArtStation - Deus Ex inspired limb design, Anthony Yoshida

Design inspired from one of my favorite game franchise to try and learn new things.