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Malayan Peacock-pheasant feathers  used for fly tying

Malayan peacock pheasant feathers used for tying classic salmon flies.

The natural look often is best left untamed and offbeat. This bouquet mixes faux greenery, ornamental grasses, and pheasant feathers with birdseed as filler.        Editor's Tip: Rather than filling the entire vase with birdseed, arrange the tall elements in a smaller vase and set inside a larger vase. Then fill the space between the two vases with birdseed.

Thanksgiving Decorating Using Fall Finds

Pheasant Feather Floral Arrangement — another great decorating idea from BHG. It's a bouquet of feathers mixed with dried grasses arranged in a glass vase that’s been filled with birdseed.

Am-Gold Pheasant | Am-Gold Tail Feathers | Classic Salmon Fly Tying Materials

Premium Fly Tying Feathers - Am-Gold Pheasant tail feathers, crests and full skins for tying full dressed Classic Salmon patterns

.I have pheasant feather covered balls, I've used them in bowls and on the Christmas tree.

You Could Have Knocked Me Down with a Feather