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Shipwreck, 1854 - Ivan Aivazovsky, painting noted for skill showing violence of the storm.

Shipwreck, 1854 by Ivan Aivazovsky (Fine Art Framed Print Ivan Aivazovsky)

Full of the Moon   "To paint the sea, you must love it, and to love it, you must know the sea."   - Frederick Judd Waugh     The Roaring Fo...

Frederick Judd Waugh (American, "Silver Light", oil on canvas - 24 X 29 inches. ** for Denise to paint

A Rocky Coastal Landscape in the Aegean by Ivan Aivazovsky

Ivan Aivazovsky — A Rocky Coastal Landscape in the Aegean with Ships in the Distance — 1884

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A Sea Witch’s “Portable Ocean” Spell Jar themanicnami: “A spell jar to hold the energies and essence of the ocean for use when one is away from the ocean.

“American Shipping off the Rock of Gibraltar” by Ivan Aivazovsky. The water is truly amazing.

How to Paint Waves: A Step-by-Step Mixed Media Tutorial

Oil painting reproduction: Ivan Aivazovsky American Shipping Off The Rock Of Gibraltar 1873

victoriousvocabulary:  GUMUSSERVI [noun] Turkish: moonlight shining on the water. [Ivan Aivazovsky]

victoriousvocabulary: GUMUSSERVI [noun

a-l-ancien-regime: View of the Sea by Moonlight Ivan Aivazovsky (Russian/Armenian 1878 St.