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Once bitten and twice shyyyyy I keep my distance But you still catch my eye! LAASSSTT Christmaaass, I gave you heart!

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If you fit, we fit

Oh crap. here he comes Can't I come in the box? You won't fit. You are too fat. I've been eating salad The box isn't big enough. Nonsense, the box is plenty big. You are crushing me! I told you. CAN"T BREATHE!

I pinned this because I just spent ten minutes actually reading this in an effort to avoid doing what I need to do. Hopefully I can be the cause of more procrastination in the world. Procrastinators unite!

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To celebrate the holidays, we're sharing a roundup of our favorite Grumpy Cat Christmas memes. The Grinch stole Christmas?

Oh no!  Poor little pug!

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