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Past!Allen and Neah...

Allen and Neah.

Genos, flowers, bouquet, blushing, cute, comic; One Punch Man

Cute Genos Fleet:are those for saitama Genos:N-no L-leave me alone you D-don't know A-anything Saitama:Oh Genos you look so cute flustered

I Bet You Thought This Gonna Be Some Gay-Ass Comic But You Were Wrong, It's Just One Punch Man < I wished for a fucking gay-ass comic, but I still wasn't disappointed lol

Boku no Hero Academia || Katsuki Bakugou, Kirishima Eijirou, "KiriBaku" #mha

Bakugou & Kirishima // Boku no Hero Academia // why is this so adorable tho?

Allen Walker - Demon in disguise.,very funny #allenwalker #dgrayman #cosplayclass

D. Gray man Allen Every scene taken here is someone mentioning Marshall Cross.

Sorry daichi but...asahi isn't jesus || David Lopez vine lol I love this vine so much

Sorry daichi but.asahi isn't jesus but that David Lopez vine tho