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Kyoya, glasses.

Kyouya Ootori (Ouran High School Host Club) >>> YES THEY ARE :D <<<*adjusts glasses* Couldn't agree more. XD<<< Just add Stein's from Soul Eater and yes

haruhi fujioka - Google Search

Sayake has a twin sister? Her name is Sakura, and she's the soft spoken star of the family, although she really would rather read and drink tea in the library next to her room

Doggies by AlphaMoxley95 on DeviantArt

Ouran High School Host Club, Tamaki's puppy dog face is beautiful 😆

Tamaki Suoh Blushing - This is probably my favorite gif ever...

Ouran high school host club- Tamaki Suoh Blushing - for a guy who created a club to flirt with girls, he sure is suprised to see one :D

Italy's so awesome he can be in whatever anime he wants.<< Imagine the nations in OHSHC outfits

XD Ouran High School Host Club Italy by -Personally. I think that's Romano but whatever! <<< Roma is still Italy, your argument is invalid.

Wouldn't he already be there? I thought there had to be a groom for a wedding, so he'd have to be there anyway since he's needed.

I wish I could invite Tamaki to my wedding just so he could say this. <<< I would pay someone to cosplay as Tamaki and say this at my wedding.