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Export Import Xgen decription groom - YouTube

This video tutorial is a quick demo of how to export and import your Xgen groom. For detailed description in text and with images find this tutorial on http:.

Xgen tip - create custom hotkey to sculpt guides - python("xgui.createDescriptionEditor(False).guideSculptContext(False)");

Xgen tip - create custom hotkey to sculpt guides - python("xgui.

Rigging Tips and Tricks : Making of Pose Critter - Rigging Dojo

Rigging Dojo Rigging Tips and Tricks : Making of Pose Critter by Timm Wagener

Introduction to Python Scripting in Maya - Part 2: Working with Selections and Constraints - YouTube

In this movie, we look at how to access the user's object selection. The first Python script we develop in this part generates instances of the first object .

Animating A Fish Along A Path:  Motion Path, Flow Path Object  (Maya)

To snap joints to a path like a fish or an eel swimming along a curve we use. Spline IK (Skeleton - Spline IK) Motion Path (Animate - Attach to Motio.

Arnold for Maya Tutorial - Shaders on Vimeo

This covers the Arnold Ai Standard, Ai Skin and Ai Hair shader settings and how to use them to render different materials. The tutorial also looks at glossy and transparent surfaces and sub-surface scattering.

Maya Vray Sun and Sky lighting and rendering

A basic look at getting Vray sun and sky to work properly. We look at camera settings including physical attributes.

particle dynamics in maya tutorial part 2 - YouTube

Learn the particle dynamics in Maya with this video. More advanced tutorials are coming soon.

Understanding Bifrost - Simulation Scale

Understanding Bifrost for Simulation Scale in MayaComputer Graphics & Digital Art Community for Artist: Job, Tutorial, Art, Concept Art, Portfolio

CG Tutorial library: Autodesk Maya

[ ] Tobias Steiner has shared a quick tip on setting up a Vray camera in Maya 2016 to have an automatic focus pull rig.