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What could be even more important than doing something remarkable?

Create A Rhythm

Create A Rhythm by The Parent Cue: Deuteronomy 6 "When you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.

Making Peace With Your Kids

Have your kids ever hurt your feelings? I don’t mean their critique of your clothes, cooking, or stupid jokes. I mean the thing they say that just cuts to the quick. A couple of weeks ago, one of m…

3 Habits to Make Time Matter More Orange Parents #playforkeeps

3 Practical Ways to Make Time Matter More: Social Media Plan

Have you ever stopped to think about how contagious joy can be? (part two)

Have you ever stopped to think about how contagious joy can be?


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This careful mom had internet safety in place in her home, had talked with her kids about it, an STILL found porn on her 8-year-old's iPod. This is a wake-up call all parents must read, with tips on how to REALLY keep your kids safe online at home.

Wake Up Call: The Day I Found Porn on My 8-Year-Old's iPod

This mom thought she had a safe internet environment for her kids - until she discovered adult websites on her daughter's iPod. This wake-up call from a careful parent is something we all need to read.