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Matthew Gray Gubler

Matthew Gray Gubler aka Dr Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. I've got myself a thing for skinny nerd boys c;

Lol I actually dont remember this episode of Criminal Minds. Love Reid's long hair!

Criminal Minds Reid reads more than five books a day, thank God he hasn't read Twilight.

Criminal Minds/Reid's haircut

This is my favorite hair on him! I'd give anything just to run my fingers through it and take a handful of it and slam his lips into mine. *fans as I sweat nervously* Did I say that out loud?

spencer reid, oh how i love you <3 mean girls hahaha

Matthew Gray Gubler is Regina George :) love criminal minds spencer reid is my favorite character :)

Because he’s fine with being the butt of jokes. | 24 Reasons To Love Dr. Spencer Reid From "Criminal Minds"

Because he's fine with being the butt of jokes.