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Para un buen año!!!!

So has anyone heard if they are going to be at Peoples Choice tomorrow night? I didnt see any seats reserved.

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That's my girl. He looks right in the camera for a split second Dean Winchester ♡ <--- I found which episode, it's season Slumber Party, when he mentioned that to Charlie.

Dean from 12X09 ("First Blood")

Killing Lilith, letting Lucifer out. Losing your soul. Not looking for me when I went to Purgatory.” -Dean to Sam about what he should atone for


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Sammy's puppy eyes are foolproof! Even I would fall for them!, Puppy eyes Don't work on m- Sam: *puppy eyes* Me: *melts* screw you Sam! Why are you so fudgeing adorable!

The Castiel one though

The Castiel one though

I can't even

"We've only been in hiatus for four days and we've already reached Sherlockian level insaneness" not true, you are close, but not yet insane enough.<<< You need to get something like "Sherlock in a nutshell" to make in the level of insane

Demon Dean better be coming back! I actually kind of miss him! Haha

Demon Dean better be coming back! I actually kind of miss him! Haha<<Demon Dean was like souless same. Sexy as he'll and short lived.