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Acraga Coa Moth from Mexico

You Won't Believe This See-Through Clear Caterpillar Isn't CG

caterpillar of a Luna Moth

Nature: the Luna moth, Actias luna, has a green caterpillar that looks almost surrealistic in close-up view.

Translucent Jewel Caterpillar - be sure to click through and see some of the other varieties!

Acraga coa larva Here is another fun caterpillar! The translucent Jewel Caterpillar! It does not have urticating hairs like some other caterpillars, but can repel predators through its glutinous cones.

Esta lagartas disfarçam seu corpo com pétalas de flores ou folhas, colando-os com um fio de seda, assim como se fosse uma fantasia. Quando as pétalas murcham, a lagarta constrói novamente o buquê de flores frescas sobre o corpo.  Leia mais em: Milagres do mimetismo: a lagarta-flor (16 fotos) - Metamorfose Digital http://www.mdig.com.br/index.php?itemid=29700#ixzz31QwYkkVm

Camouflage - Wavy-lined emerald moth or camouflaged looper (Synchlora aerata). It is a species of moth of the Geometridae family and can be found in most of North America. // photo by Jim McCormac / source info from Wikipedia

Bombardier Beetle by apologeticspress.org. Photo  by Thomas Eisner: The bombardier beetle defends itself by squirting predators (ants, frogs, spiders) with a high-pressure jet of boiling liquid in a rapid-fire action called pulse combustion. Hydroquinones and hydrogen peroxide produced by the beetle are oxidized causing release of free oxygen and irritating p-benzoquinones which are sprayed at at 100° C!—in a pulse-like fashion at a rate of 500 pulses per second . #Bombardier_Beetle

The anti-theft technology inspired by Bombardier beetle. ETH department of chemistry designed a film from the process of bombardier beetle defense mechanism. Know more about bombardier beetle and the ATM anti-theft devices here.