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I was disturbed by the anger over Pharrel William wearing the Native American head dress. Surely I'm not the only person who noticed that he looks Native American enough to start his own tribe.

Elle UK initially boasted about having "persuaded" singer Pharrell Williams to don a headdress for a cover shoot. Later Williams apologised for offending other cultures and races.

There are two stories about Millie Durgan. When she was 18 months old she was captured in a raid by the Kiowa. She become the foster child of a couple who treated her very well, her foster father was a noted Kiowa warrior, she later married and had many children and grandchildren. The other story tells that she died in the 1864 winter of starvation and exposure, by Kiowa Chief Little Mountain (To-Hau-Son). He reported that the death occured during the "muddy traveling winter".

Great-great Grandma--Sain-to Hoodle (aka She Killed A Cow), the adopted daughter of Au-soant-sai-mah & Ahma-te, and the wife of Goombi - Kiowa - before her death 1934

In London, Mitt Banks on the Wrong Horse | Money & Politics, What Matters Today | BillMoyers.com  >>Good link - I think the lie about Obama fundraising in Paris was to cover up Romney in London

The head of Greenpeace International Kumi Naidoo joins Moyers & Company to discuss the politics of global warming and the urgency of environmental activism.

The amount of truth to this, is an eye opener,  the amount of fear i feel, when i envision other things being done  in the name of "progress"... sends chills down my spine. Scary happenings that I'm sure has dire consequences...

The Brave Warrior, the Wanderer, as he touches the water, the flow of life, to be refreshed and renewed -- Artwork by Alfredo Rodriguez ! This is what it means to be a man. Being a man is good.

Facts for Kids: Abenaki Indians (Abanaki, Abnaki, Abenaqui, Abenakis, Alnombak)

Native American Headdresses: Feather and Horned Warbonnets, Porcupine Roaches, Beaded Headbands, Basket Hats and other American Indian Headdress

Castaway by Spell and The Gypsy Collective

can't get enough of anything native american/ Indian, bohemian, gypsy-esque, Aztec or tribal. love the headpiece whilst on the beach

Crow Fair Parade, August 14, 2009. Crow Agency, Montana. Photograph by Emil Her Many Horses, NMAI.

The National Museum of the American Indian: Travels Through the Horse Culture - Crow Fair Parade in Montana

Beatrix Ost

Beatrix Ost

ADVANCED STYLE: Beatrix Ost in Central Park. effortlessly cool and beautiful. Aging does not mean you can't have style.