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Dear Sleep, I'm sorry I hated you when I was a young kid.

Oh naps you are one of the greatest things when you get older, never leave

This is like my dad , TOTALLY!!!  Hahhahhahahah

This is like my dad , TOTALLY!!! Hahhahhahahah

then you understand "always" ain't what it used to be & the warranty has almost expired.

All done in that totally calm tone of voice that only comes out when you're terrified and/or panicked.

There’s only one thing to do…

Okay, this is really not helping with the irrational fear I already had of getting bitten by a spider in my shoe. I need a spider proof shoe rack.

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 this would be WONDERFUL

What if your pillow could collect your dreams ad when you wake up you could plug it into your computer and watch them over again.I would be the happiest person Alive!