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Richard Dix

Movie Still Photographs, Biography and Filmography of Silent Film Star Richard Dix

Montgomery Clift, my second fav., Old Hollywood actor. I wish he had more recognition, he was such a fantastic actor.

Wallace Reed was a screen idol in silent films. An injury from a train wreck caused him to become addicted to morphine. His death in 1923 at a sanitarium while trying to get clean rocked Hollywood.

One of Hollywood's First Movie Stars, One of Hollywood's First Dope Casualties: Wonderful Wallace Reid

Wallace Reid

Tragic Heroes of the Silver Screen: Good hearted and exceedingly handsome Wallace Reid was considered “the screen’s most perfect lover” and worked frantically turning picture after picture in the.

Gary Cooper, 1930 via Classic Movie Digest

Gary Cooper, 1930 via Classic Movie Digest The man every woman set their sights on & he was eager to oblige.

Ramon Novarro - Photo by George Hurrell

Ramón Novarro was a Mexican leading man actor in Hollywood in the early century. He was the next male "Sex Symbol" after the death of Rudolph Valentino. Novarro was the victim of a violent extortion attempt which resulted in his death.

George O’Brien in “Sunrise” (1927).

George O’Brien in Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (F. Murnau, He was one of few the silent film stars who successfully navigated the transition from silence to sound. His first sound films were.

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Silent film star Hugh Allan hmmm never saw him! lol but look at his hair :) I think this is AFTER silent film days?