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rzlbd is a boutique architectural practice based in toronto founded by Reza Aliabadi. This is the official website of atelier rzlbd and its contents are curated by Reza Aliabadi regularly.

Bear Creek Carpentry Company - posted these stairs on facebook in December 2014.  Smaller footprint in home while still having stairs! "Building a spiral staircase, with storage inside of treads, base for water storage system, and a wardrobe......we will be able to build these as components to go in other Tiny Houses.....treads will be solid 5/4 radius edged oak stained and polyed to match the prefinished floor........."

For anyone with a knack for making certain things appear good in a room, potential customers can also select a range of unique finishes, colours, fabrics, and patterns.

Staircase Storage Space

Staircase storage - Simple version for under stairs storage. This would totally work if we gutted the basement as it is now. (Plus, no more dark crawling under the stairs to get at my christmas decorations!

Steps Risers with . WALLPAPER BORDERS applied to them. Think of the ENDLESS possibilities and choices ! I'd love to use real books- fantastic emergency book storage! Gotta pick up a new book on my way to the loo!

How Gallery Walls are Like Cats (And Why Your Home Probably Needs One)

Got an Awkward Space In Need of Filling? Try a Gallery Wall

There's no such thing as an awkward space in the post-gallery wall world, because you can arrange a collage of frames to skillfully attack the proportions of any sized wall.