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You are going to discuss being safe online and on social network sites listen to a discussion about cyber bullying do a gap fill exerci.

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Ryan’s Story

A Cyber Bullying Suicide Story -- Ryan Halligan age this is the effect that bulling has on the victims.it takes loved ones away from their family.and it hurts them like no other.help in anyway possible to stop bulling.

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With social networks, its easier to hurt somebody. bullying online causes emotional problems for the bullied. at most times leading them to suicide, so now instead of just getting physicaly hurt, you can now get emtionly hurt. Kids don't think before they say or consider the consequences of what there actions and words can do somebody. Luckily there are laws in place to hopefully stop cyber bullying before it get out of hand.

LGBTQ teens are more likely to suffer from depression and to have suicidal thoughts. Words do kill and awareness needs to be raised. This article talks about emotional distress among LGBT youth.

Bullying Statistics

BULLYING PREVENTION In accordance with Bullying Awareness Week, which took place just about a month ago, and it’s theme — “Stand Up!” (to bullying) — we created