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Just me hanging around in SoHo. Now locking myself away until it's warm again.

The look I'd like to have...accept I can't grow that hair...and probably won't get my arms tatted...and I wear glasses. Whatever, it's close enough!

Opt for a navy blue chambray long sleeve shirt and black jeans for an easy to wear, everyday look. A pair of black leather brogue boots will bring a strong and masculine feel to any ensemble.

Toggle Coat | Angelo Nardelli F/W 2013 lookbook

red-haired guy wearing a sweet jacket as he is getting ready to take on the wilderness like a boss. This guy has a manly red beard and likes to eat nails for breakfast.

Photography Portrait - Red head and freckles                                                                                                                                                     More

Why Do People Hate Redheads?

I LOVE REDHEADS! This is a picture of model Johnny Harrington. His hair is very close to Jamie Fraser's, in my opinion. But you don't have to take my word for it! Diana Gabaldon's reaction: "Yeah, that's the hair and skin-tone, all right.

Redheaded Men Are Finally Getting Their Due  #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/2014/08/72755/male-redheads-hollywood#slide4  Where did you find the models for the shoot? "I started looking at modeling agencies in London, and there just weren't any redheads. Quite a few of the agents were surprised that they didn't have any ginger men on their books at all. There's this one agency, AMCK, who had several — well, they had four. So, I shot all of those guys for the trailer, and from that…

New York Art Exhibit - Red Hot

Michael Fassbender as Galen... In this photo his eyes seems green, perfect!! Nalini Singh, guild hunter series

The Wild Irish Boy

Photo by Peter Hapak. “Michael Fassbender has a look. It's a cross between a stare, a glare and a laser attack. The muscles in his finely angled face tense, and his blue-green eyes all but pulsate in their sockets.

I like how your passion manifests unpredictably and uncontrollably, how your feelings cannot be caged or concealed, how you’re incapable of apathy.

I Like Your Flaws

Everything that's REAL has flaws, appreciating imperfections and quirks and uniqueness is why we are drawn to love real things! Love YOUR flaws and the flaws in others -- message from the universe today.

Ginger Beard. This is almost the same color as Jordan's beard when he grows it out. I love it!!

Johnny Harrington by Yves Borgwardt for Quality March Love the scarf with his red hair.