Wendy Darling

This is a quote from J. Barrie's Peter Pan, gosh i LOVE this story! using a picture from Disney's Peter Pan Cute Peter Pan Quote

Ok, to be completely honest, this part choked me up more than the Tinkerbell incident... I dont even know how Peter, other than the fact that its the same house, knows that that it Wendy, and can I just say "ZAYUM GURL!!! YOU PERTY!!!"... But anyway, it breakes my heart to see them together, for one last time...

The most depressing part of Peter Pan two. No no person its "Peter Pan Return to Neverland"

I loved and am still trying to let go...

Because of disney' Their a good lesson in this story. It reminds me of that one quote, "if you love something set it free.

Peter Pan

So Inspirational: Quote: Peter Pan, Disney, "Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting.