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Uptown Funk, Shakespeare style

*excuse the language, this was too good not to save* Bout time we can understand Shakespeare.

Mom was spacing out and thought I said that "Indians stole our tent"

I can see this joke applying to classic Holmes and Watson as well as BBC Sherlock and John.

Dude!!>>>>I don't know where to pin this.....AAAAAAAHHHH (that was me fangirling)

Best fucking concert eva<--- I lost it at the Dan and Phil part<< same omfg


I used to do this in high school and the kid next to me would laugh so hard that the teacher would ask what's funny.

Best 22 RIP Memes

Best 22 RIP Memes

When The Wind Plans On Messing Up Your Day

When The Wind Plans On Messing Up Your Day

As the Checkout Line Churns

As the Checkout Line Churns<<If this were a soap opera, they'd break this up with about 10 other plotlines and it'd take a week to do a 10 minute conversation.