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Beautiful Peacock there is a peacock farm about a mile from me. You can hear them call out every morning

Capturing the brilliant beauty of birds in the wild is probably one of the most popular but challenging types of animal photography.

The rare but beautiful Peacock tree by MichaelCheckland ASN

Павлин 💕🐾 Peafowl -The rare but beautiful Peacock tree by MichaelCheckland ASN

Un arcobaleno vivente!

took this photo of a cheeky Rainbow Lorikeet, and as you can see it's very clear where these colourful birds got their name from! These unmistakable birds can be found in coastal regions across northern and eastern Australia.

beauty of nature

Amazing feathers of the peacock. i think i love peacocks so much because they are all my favorite colors wrapped up into one thing!

Peacock Pride Revisited

Peacock Pride by Angelina Vick - Peacock Pride Photograph - Peacock Pride Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Harpy Eagle...the gol'darndest coolest bird on Earth, because they have 5" rear "thumb" talons and eat sloths and monkeys.  i HATE sloths and monkeys

The Harpy Eagle is a Neotropical species of eagle. It is the largest raptor found in the Americas, and among the largest extant species of eagles in the world- it looks like Buckbeak from Harry Potter!