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Metronomy Reservoir music video by Daniel Brereton

Daniel Brereton animates Metronomy's music video using coloured pens

Metronomy’s New Video Sees the Band Animated with Felt Tip Pens!

A nod to the classic Reno vibe; fuzzy dice make us all giggle.

Hayal Pozanti Aura Minus Distance, 2013

Aura Minus Distance by Hayal Pozanti on is a marketplace for collectors, presenting auctions of extraordinary art and objects.

Merjin Hos wooden sculptures

Merjin Hos wooden sculptures


“Bits” Pixelated Sculptures by Shawn Smith

Collage by María Camila Duque, via Flickr Small-scale artwork

Let's start out with the full Moon. It is statistically proven that people act a whole lot cookier when there is a full moon.

Levi's Workwear by Filson.

levis duck trucker with corduroy collar - I've had this jacket going on 6 years now and with every waxing it gets better. Best fall to winter jacket investment I may have ever made, both for work and casual bumming around.


This long women's coat combines the refined elegance of wool material with the unbeatable warmth of premium down. The simple, stylish design is a great addition to any outfit, for work or play.

Why Blonde Hair and Dark Eyebrows Are the Perfect Pairing - Vogue

21 Women Who Make Blonde Hair and Dark Brows a Standout Signature

Everything you need to know about the bow-tie. by MyohoDane

How to tie a bow tie, and different styles of them. Bow ties are cool.

Image result for Bacardi  2016 exhibition stand cannes

aluminum and Plexiglas wall system featuring vibrant colors and a decidedly dramatic flair


The Engineered Garments CPO shirt body references military uniform design from years past.