San Antonio Latina Mom Blogger: Peach & Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Hott Mama In The City: Peach & Strawberry Smoothie Recipe 1 cup of frozen peaches 1 cup of frozen or fresh strawberries 5 oz of Diet Snapple Half & Half *

Strawberry Slush:  2 cups frozen strawberries  1 cup water flavored with Crystal Light Strawberry Lemonade     Directions:  Blend together until smooth.  Drink.

Skinny Strawberry Smoothie

Skinny Strawberry Smoothie Ingredients: 2 cups frozen strawberries 1 cup water flavored with Crystal Light Strawberry Lemonade Directions: Blend together until smooth.

Freeze all of your smoothie ingredients ahead of time so that all you have to do in the morning is BLEND!

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DIY-smoothie-packs- Freeze yogurt in ice cube trays, then pre-page fruit. So easy recipes for fruit smoothies!

Peach & Strawberry Smoothie. full of Vitamin C and less than per serving!

Recipe: Peach & Strawberry Smoothie - less than 100 calories per serving - Hott Mama in the City

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You can use fresh or frozen fruit in this smoothie and substitute orange juice for the apple.

Strawberry, Mango, and Yogurt Smoothie

Four ingredients – apple juice, low-fat yogurt, and frozen strawberries and mango chunks – are all you need to whip up this frothy treat.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie -- a simple and delicious recipe for this classic favorite smoothie | #smoothie #recipe

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Blueberry Banana Almond Kale Smoothie

The Healthiest Smoothies Of All Time

The Healthiest Smoothies Of All Time: Blueberry Banana Almond Kale Smoothie -- c almond milk; c kale leaves, stem removed; lg banana, peeled and frozen; c frozen blueberries;

Juicy steak strips and mushrooms in a garlic wine sauce is making our mouths water! We can't believe that we can enjoy this for less than 350 calories:

Skinny Slow Cooker Recipes

Dijon Beef & Mushrooms ~ juicy steak strips in an antioxidant-rich garlic-wine sauce -- all for less than 350 cal. Serve w/French green beans alongside our slow cooker meal for a fresh and flavorful side. Perfect for cold winter months.

Beef Empanadas - NOTE: use pre-made pillsbury crusts instead. They are fluffier and take about 40 mins out of making this dish.

Beef Empanadas

Beef Empanadas - The Wanderlust Kitchen. Has dough recipe- could fill with anything and use same cook time.

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Pumpkin Smoothie (Ree-food) 1 can Ounce) Pumpkin Pie Filling 3 cups Whole Milk (more If Needed) cup Vanilla Yogurt (up To 1 Cup) A Few Dashes Of Cinnamon Cinnamon Graham Crackers, Crushed


Clean Eating Recipe(s): Fruit and Vegetable Juices

The Fit Girl It Girl's favorite Clean Eating Recipes for Fruit and Vegetable Juices juicing recipes). I'm looking for a vegetable smoothie that is sweet. This just might be it with a mixture of fruit and veggies.

Homemade Creme Brulee Coffee Creamer is so easy to make. This recipe is easy to follow, you may never buy coffee creamer again!

Creme Brulee Coffee Creamer - Shugary Sweets = This will be delicious. Make a smaller amount than recipe, because the creamer will "expire" on the date the milk would expire.