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Can't wait to do this on halloween! You could even change them up for Christmas. Halloween Painted Jar Luminaries - Crafts by Amanda

Falling Flowers

Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas That Double as Decor

etched pumpkin design - falling foliage- Martha Stewart Living crafts editor, Marcie McGoldrick, and professional carver Marc Evan.

Jack O'Lanterns

Autumn is my favorite season, and October is my favorite month. With Halloween drawing near, here's a collection of pumpkin carving resourc.

Dual Personality – Inner Face Outer Face

The 50 Best Pumpkin Decoration and Carving Ideas for Halloween

Yoda Jack-O-Lantern - Carve Great Looking Pumpkins Easily

Carve Great Looking Pumpkins Easily

This year i carved my best pumpkin yet, and I thought i'd document it. This method took about three hours, but looks pretty good in my opinion.

Random Inspiration 111

Random Inspiration 111

Brains from the dollar store....creep up the jar a little and they would look pretty cool. Also looks a little like intestines.

Brains from the dollar tree. Cheap and easy party game.I got the brains from the dollar tree. Put them in a jar and Guess how many Brains are in a jar.I have 22 Put them in a jar and Guess how many Brains are in a jar.I have 22 in there!