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I avoid meet haha

do u ever just get a cramp in ur foot while ur walking and ur whole world ends>>yesss it literally sucks

Still laughing

british people call underwear pants and pants trousers they're so weird

Or ask (and answer) the important questions in life.

36 Reasons Tumblr Was The Best Site In 2014

That is the funniest cooking story I've heard

That is the funniest cooking story I've ever heard. I'm crying I'm laughing so hard 😂

Crap. I’ll try better tomorrow

PS--Three-year-olds are terrible drivers, no matter how badly you need a nap right now.

"Please do not feed, it has a meal plan" perfect!

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Especially when you're sitting around campus and a group of high school students taking a tour walk by and gawk at you, like you're some kind of mystical wild animal.<<< This is so relatable. I hate campus tour groups

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That explains so much

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