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Great Stocking Stuffer: "Foolproof Plants for Small Gardens" Meets Cyber Monday

GMO free seed companies

Support Your Local Farmer: 91 Monsanto GMO Free Seed Companies. Monsanto now owns of the seed market! It’s not terribly easy to avoid them, which is why we’ve compiled this list to help you navigate

The 5 uses of baking soda in your garden.

The 5 uses of baking soda in the garden! flour & baking soda as pesticide for broccoli plants)

Harvesting Cilantro. Ooooooh, now I get it.....never could figure out how to keep it going!

Harvesting Cilantro Each cilantro plant grows from the center and develops stems that branch out. Its best to harvest just the outer stems. This leaves the center of the plant undisturbed, allowing for future growth.

Garden Crop Rotation - However, read the comments as the arrows might actually be going the wrong way.

Garden Crop Rotation - A Simple System

A simple system for rotating garden crops that anyone can remember via Better Hens and GardensGarden Crop Rotation

The nitty-gritty about growing your own food organically. I address things you won't find in a gardening book. #beselfreliant

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Growing Your Own Food: But Were Afraid To Ask

The nitty-gritty about growing your own food organically. I address things you won't find in a gardening book. #beselfreliant

?greenhouse?   Aside from the health and nutritional benefits of doing so, there is also something quite primal about knowing where and how your food is grown.    Today I'm going to teach you how to grow your own easy to grow salad garden which will grow all year round in frost free areas. Credit: Matt Allison

How to: Grow a Year-Round Salad Garden

How to grow a year-round salad garden-- Credit:Matt Allison

Soaking and Sprouting chart

Soaking and Sprouting Chart: Vegetable garden: grow Your Own Sprouts on Your Kitchen Counter Top Project

composting 101 - composting 101 - great tips for beginners... I've started collecting egg shells & coffee grounds for tomatoes, and banana peels for roses... need some more "potted gold" for the garden!

An eco-friendly gardener shares her composting 101 tips for newbie composters to aid their gardening with homemade nutrient-rich soil.

Min temp for starting seeds outdoors

Seed starter chart by temperature. # days = # of days it takes for that particular plant to sprout. So the temp would have to stay between the min & max given for that many days.