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Why does he have that no regrets tattoo placed. I can't even say I would regret finding out.

David Beckham for H & M with covered or uncovered campaign http://shopperdiscountsrewards.org/2014/01/30/should-david-beckham-be-covered-or-uncovered-in-the-new-hm-campaign/

Want to see a teaser of David Beckham's HM Super Bowl Ad before it airs? Look no further, and find a BTS video as well as campaign photos right here.

Getting a tattoo is a way to express ones self. Social media has demonized certain forms of self expression. This man has chosen to express himself through tattooing art on his body, but certain stereotypes in the media have been formed that would make some people fear or misinterpret the person this man is. Society really need to wake up,open their eyes and look closely to a persons permanent art on their skin. Each tattoo tells a different story about who that person admires or a song…

52 Fotos de Aaron Matts do Betraying The Martyrs

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love his tats.Former marine Alex Minsky lost his leg in Afghanistan and became a successful underwear model after his recovery. It was at the gym where he met a photographer who would change the course of his life.

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Tattoo guys generation: Daniel Bamdad, Ricki Hall, Lawson Rhys Taylor and Dawid Auguscik.

Closest I can find to the design I want

This commission I got a few months back and have spent a lot of time developing it. He Who Strengthens Me