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Baekhyun(EXO) người nổi tiếng với những kiểu make-up ảo diệu nhờ đeo lens.

I love his eye make-up

O único homem que me faz ter inveja de sua maquiagem,pode entrar Byun Baekhyun

With dark red eyeliner

Shit he looks like a sexy vampire. Why do you do this to me baekhyun? How dare you be so handsome.


The incredible, super handsome, gorgeous, talented, never done before: BYUN BAEKHYUN!

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Baekhyun is my light; Chanyeol fires me up; Yixing heals me; Sehun blows me away; and Kibum reminds me to be myself♥ "Pain fades away with the flow of time. Still, I do not desire to be healed by time.