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I might need this Paula Scher MAPS book. since I do GIS for a living. Why not have an artistic map book?

Super Neat!   http://www.feltandwire.com/2012/02/16/paula-scher-shares-her-geographical-visions/

Paula Scher’s Map Paintings Exhibited in New York at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery…

NYC Typographic map -- wish I could find one of these for Manchester, UK.

A spin-off of Paula Scher's famous maps, we are loving the use of typography on this piece!

BOTTOM: Paula Scher - ‘The World’ (1998). Do you trust this map? This acrylic painting contains all the same information as a more ‘legitimate’ world map: the only difference is in aesthetics. Its most standout features are the medium used, its dense visual hierarchy, and its ‘distorted’ text and geography. Cartographic subject matter, done in a non-cartographic style.

Stunning Subjectivity: Obsessive Typographic Maps by Paula Scher

LOVE the map/text combination. Not necessarily applicable here, but a map as data/proof could be interesting. This is Stunning Subjectivity: Paula Scher's Obsessive Hand-Painted Maps

I want to remake this, but larger, and with real fabric... that would only take an entire day, right?

Bianca Green Louis Armstrong Told Us So Art Print - Urban Outfitters.would love a map up in my room

distorted maps / Paula Scher

Paula Scher’s Exquisite Book of Lying "Maps"

These pixellated continents are fun! Could be an option, or even if you'd like to make more than 1 graphic

Pixel Map 'Colors of the World' Print Set of 6 // Modern World Map // Modern Art Decor // Map Art // 8 bit Pixels // Digital Print

This can be a quick and effective way for students to explore ideas. As with the other examples shown on this page, it is important that the colours and presentation methods link in with the remainder of your project. This style of presentation may be particularly appropriate for a graphic or 3D design project.

How to Make a Mind Map: Creative Examples for High School Art Students

This article features 23 creative mind map examples and other visual brainstorming illustrations to inspire high school Art students.

Paula Scher Map Series #maps #handdrawn_type

Paula Scher portfolio featuring 9 images from her typography “maps” series.

New Orleans City Map Art Print / Choose your City by jennasuemaps (somewhere in Italy would be neat)

New Orleans City Map Abstract Art Print / NOLA Mardi Gras Wall Decor / 8x10 Digital Print / Personalized colors

New Orleans City Map Art Print / Choose your City by jennasuemaps

Paula Scher again; "Tsunami"  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/susan-sawyers/paula-scher-mapping-out-a_b_76874.html

Paula Scher: Mapping Out A Changing World