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Dad Designs Shoes To Give Paralyzed Daughter Sensation of Walking love quotes family amazing story family quotes stories heart warming

This is sweet of the man to ask for little girls' autographs :') guys like this GMH

Magic Kingdom Security Guard Said To The Little Girl, "Excuse Me Princess, Can I Have Your Autograph?" His Book Was Filled With Children's Scribbles. :) The Little Girl Couldn't Get Over The Fact That He Thought She Was A Real Princess! How Sweet!

WHOA! ...After 132 Years!?!  ~WTF fun facts: More weird &  interesting facts HERE!

I've been to the museum where they put all the stuff multiple times (look up "steamboat Arabia") the boat was transporting goods so there's all kinds of tools, dishes, jewelry - and some food. They found a jars of preserves that were still good.

When this bearded badass in Norway saw a duck trapped under the ice on the surface of a lake, he didn’t hesitate to leap into the frigid lake, shattering the ice, rescuing the duck and making a new feathered friend in the process! As crazy as jumping into an icy lake may seem to most of us, that’s exactly what 36-year-old ice bather (and duck rescuer) Lars Jørun Langøien was already there to do anyway. When he spotted the duck, he was already in swimwear, so he simply dove in to rescue it…

Dump A Day Random Pictures Of The Day - 57 Pics man saves duck


This is adorable, and congrats to this mom for raising her little girl well.>>>this little girl is gorgeous! You go Raven Marie

Faith In Humanity Restored

FaiTH iN HuMaNiTY RESToReD ____whoever abused this beautiful horse deserves to be put in front of a firing squad & made sure to suffer. Shows what a few kind people can do! If you want to get a horse, rescue one!