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DAI_never mess with the stormbulls by schl4fmuetze on DeviantArt. The way it should have gone.

My little herold xD She hates water, coz she isn't able to swim hah : D My dreamteam is Dorian, Blackwall and Cassandra! They're the strongest heh~ And I love Blackwalls voice, coz its the voice of.

Temperance is video game concept art for Dragon Age Inquisition. The image features Cassandra, one of the major characters from video game series Dragon Ag

Temperance - Dragon Age Inquisition

Poor Master Dennet... he was recruited to be a horsemaster, and it did not stay that long.

Character Headcanon: Poor Master Dennet madamebadger: “You know, I always feel a little sorry for Master Dennet. The Inquisitor is like, hey, I need a horse expert! Here is a horse expert!

Cullen x Inquisitor - Trespasser DLC inspired

Cullen x Inquisitor - Trespasser DLC inspired ((I'd argue this is either Rila and company or Rah and company.

Dragon Age by Molly Ostertag Oh man, two of my favorite things! Oh Joy Sex Toy and Dragon Age! <3

Dragon Age by Molly Ostertag. Wonderful comic with one of the aspects I appreciate a lot about Dragon Age.

Dragon Age in Game of Thrones Sigil style banners -- I know these aren't the actual symbols, but the sigil creator site doesn't let you upload images and I was too lazy to fully Photoshop this set from scratch. Oh, and there's a character limit on the sigil generator, so i had to make do with that also.

Dragon Age in Game of Thrones Sigil style banners -- ahah The Grey wardens one always gets me!