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Funny horse picture peeking around a tree with tongue sticking out! Horses have a sense of humor, too.

Lol Dreamer my horse is going to get a lot more of these

Funny horse quote, if a female human buys you, she will give you lots of kisses, you'll get used to it.

braideez braiding tutorial horse show week Maybe I can pick up some tips on keeping braids even in height. I can get them even in size, but can never get the perfect, neat height that makes such a beautiful appearance.

First love by Kerri-Jo, via Flickr...this will be my child I will have a barn and horses

So everyone knows I don't like kids.but I love sweet pictures of little girls and their horses. I remember being that little girl. There's no time in my life I can remember NOT having a horse in it, thanks to my parents and grandparents.

Graceful Arabian

Horses, both wild and domestic, are some one of the most graceful animals to roam the land. Used throughout the ages for countless purposes, they continue to catch the hearts and admiration of those around them.

A photoshoot with this theme:  ~ Bohemian   Daydream ~

INTO THE WHITE (Bohemian Daydream)