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Since my nickname is Whitewolf, i consider this is me, an Angel Wolf, and yes i know it's missing a halo :P

Wolf by carmen

Collin Bogle Broken Silence Snowy day and a wolf Art print, Image size x NOT photography - IS realistic wildlife painting --Great talent!

Beautiful wolf

As timid and innocent as he looks, this wolf may sense harm from a mile away without you knowing but does not show it and does not need protection, instead, he just needs a companion to count on! Remember, he is clever and not dumb!

Wolf pack ♡

Howling Wolves: Wolves howl to announce the birth of pups, to get ready to go out hunting together; and when a lone wolf is lost, the pack howls to provide direction. No, they don't howl at the moon.

Rrrr!...Wow, This Place Is Fantastic...Samissomar´s Pinterests Are So Beautiful !... http://samissomar.wix.com/Soundscapings

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